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Ulster Theatre Company pantomimes follow a particularly demanding physical style of performance and have developed a highly sophisticated cartoon appearance. A wealth of finely drawn characters and carefully woven, spell binding story telling aimed at both adults and children alike, without risk to either, has ensured that this is truly a 'Family Pantomime' and that parties from schools, colleges, clubs, societies and businesses will all be equally entertained: Oh, Yes They Will!!

Pantomimes produced at: Arts Theatre, Belfast; Spires Centre, Belfast; Waterfront Hall, Belfast; Millennium Forum, Derry; Market Place Theatre, Armagh; An Griannan Theatre, Letterkenny; Civic Theatre, Tallaght (Dublin); Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire

Between 2005 and 2014, UTC set new records producing ten consecutive years of pantomimes at The Market Place Theatre, Armagh, establishing a singularly successful track record of highly successful family entertainment.

Available Pantomimes include: Cinderella, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Scrooge's Christmas, Oliver Twist (The Panto), Once Upon A Time

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Mary Moulds, Richard Doubleday, Tara Lynne O'Neill


Packy Lee, Rachel Murray, Aisling Groves-McKeown,Tara Lynne O'Neill and Paul Boyd


Andrew Porter, Mary Moulds, Jennifer Marshall, Paddy Wallace

ALADDIN (2013)

Kathryn Aiken, Rebecca Henderson, Sarah Lyle, Marty Maguire, Richard Doubleday, Anna McAllister, Eoin Mallon, Brendan Flemming